About Becky Frank Designs

Becky Frank is a lifestyle brand focused on creative living. We believe in the importance of rolling up your sleeves and making things at all stages of life. Making time to live creatively is as important as all the other things we do to try and lead a healthy life. Pursuing creative ideas is a form of self-care just like exercising and eating well. Our brand showcases our own designs and creations but more importantly we are here to focus on you! Our products and services are thoughtfully designed to facilitate your creativity. Whether that is happening on your own or with a group of friends and loved ones. We bring high quality, curated materials and experiences to you so that you can spend your time designing, creating, and having fun!

About the Founder

Hi! I’m a mom of four young kids and exploring various creative hobbies has always been a part of my life. These creative outlets served me well as a student, while I worked full time and earned a Masters degree, and in my ever evolving role as a mother who is just trying to keep her kids occupied. It wasn’t until 2020 – when I (along with the rest of the world) was stopped in my tracks that I realized how a creative habit could be such a critical part of maintaining my own health and wellness. While the world shut down around me I tried my best to maintain some sense of normalcy for myself and my family. Initially this meant establishing new household routines, preparing healthy meals/snacks, and daily exercise for everyone. However, as things around us continued to stay closed I realized I needed more. Without the usual distractions and with limited ability to travel I ordered some fun looking painting supplies and suddenly I could sit on my back porch, supervise my kids (at least partially), and still explore a whole new world. As things slowly started to reopen around me I realized just how much I had gained from finding a little time each day to do something creative. From these experiences my vision for Becky Frank was born – I can’t wait to share some of my own creations with you and even more importantly have you join me on the journey to live creatively.